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Satterfield, Jim (11/Jan/2003)
Can you tell me what is the difference between the casseroles (both knob, and pie plate covers), and the open bakers, and how to tell them apart if they are different.  My wife and I started collecting about 20 years ago (just got interested in the design and color of the sapphire), and have never gotten out the pieces till we had a place in our new kitchen made just to hold the pieces.
(Glad to, Jim: A casserole without a lid is an open baker. A refrigerator dish without a cover is a loaf pan.)

Wilson, Lia 09/Jan/2003
This site looks like a great resource. I'm trying to find information on a baking dish (casserole) that appears to be peach lustre or coppertint, but it isn't marked "Fire King." It does say "made in USA" and that it's microwave-safe. Both the interior and exterior of the baking dish are colored. Can you give me any info. on this?    thanks, Lia

Heinrich, Robin 08/Jan/2003
Hello and great website!  I first learned of fire king when my mother acquired  4 Jadeite dinner plates in the Jane Ray pattern.  I have been hooked ever since!  My favorite are the hand-painted plates with nature scenes, flowers, animals, etc.  Not Gay Fad but ones still hand painted and usually not signed.  Please email me if you have any for sale or know where I can find some!

Costello, Catherine 06/Jan/2003
This summer ... I stopped by an old farm house on the outskirts of the town. ... an odd shaped, nesting set of 3 mixing bowls caught my eye. .... They were teardrop shaped, a turquiose blue with Fire King stamped on the bottom. As I was more or less haggling with this guy about these bowls... a frail, elderly woman (his mother) came out of the old house and made her way over to me. As she gently cradled the set in her arms, inspecting each piece she told me how as a new bride she had received them as a gift. They had served the family well over the years. She had hoped it would find a home with a loving family who would use them. As she told her story, she talked my price up and her stubborn son's price down. That's it, I was hooked. 

P.S. This is the best site yet! Thanks SO MUCH! Catherine

Gojan, Bob  05/Jan/2003

Owens-Smith, Rickey  05/Jan/2003
Initially, I collected jadite exclusively, but have recently started to add other attractive Fire King pieces to my collection. My prized pieces of jadite are the Tilted Ball Jug (plain), the 5-inch swirl bowl, and just last week I was able to add a Bead-n-Bar Pitcher to the collection. Much of my "shopping" is via the internet, as there is little, if any, jadite here in Mexico! Interestingly enough, I have come across some Fire King here! I would like to corrospond with other collectors!

Biggs, Linda  04/Jan/2003
I have a large collection of sapphire blue ovenware.

Shozi, Paul 03/Jan/2003
HI, love the site! New collector here. I picked up an ivory grease jar with the tulip lid. On the side of the lid it says: 83-C.T:ANCHOR HOCKING, U.S.A.  The "83" is not reffering to 1983 is it? I did not think they where making these in the 80's. I hope this is a batch number. If anyone has an answer...help!
(Anchor-Hocking ceased production of glass marked Fire-King in 1976.  Your Tulip grease jar is the real thing.)

Bimbo, Angela 31/Dec/2002
Hello. Im new here and have a set of very rare splatter-proof bowls by FireKing with the "RED DISTLEFINK" design on the fronts. They are in excellent shape as is the design on the fronts. I have a set of 3 nesting bowls in the 1qt, 2qt, & 3qt sizes. I have come to find out that there should be a set of 4. Any suggestions will be appreciated as these are my very first fireking pieces! Thank you
(Nice find Angela. What a great start. There is also a 4-quart bowl. Current book values are $150 to $200 for the 1-quart bowl and $100 to $125 for each of the others. The selling prices may vary a great deal from that).

I just picked up a small coffee cup that says 'fire-king oven ware 20 made in u.s.a." stamped on the bottom.  it's white and has gold rim around the top. it hs a design on it that i was wondering if it was added after market or had it originally on it.  it says "paw, yer coffee's ready" on it, with "maw" yelling to "paw" in the outhouse.  the picture is identical to the napcoware and other japanese cups made like it.

Holcomb, Barb 30/Dec/2002
Really interested in Fire-King Aurora (mother of pearl) dishes. Have one cup and sugarbowl w/lid. Anyone having some to sell please e-mail me.

Beaudry, Scott  22/Dec/2002
I really enjoy your website.  I am a fairly new Fire King Restaurant Ware collector and have gained quite a bit of knowledge of jadeite through your website.  I do have a question: I have items that are marked with the logo "Fire King" with the number 2, and also the logo "Fire King Oven Glass". These pieces were advertised as being Restaurant Ware because probably because of the thickness of the glass. According to logo information the "Fire King" logo was from 1942-1945. The "Fire King Oven Glass" logo was from the mid 1940's. All of the articles that I have seen say that Restaurant Wear was produced in the early 1950's on. Were the earlier dishes just thicker or was it still considered Restaurant Wear ?   Thank You. 
(Restaurant ware was made from 1948 to 1967 for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, cafeterias, and other institutions and is considerably thicker than dinnerware. For a discussion of trade marks, see our page of Frequently Asked Questions.)

White, Jim 20/Dec/2002
I have started collecting Fire King and have over 100 pieces so far.

Schultz, Jeff 12/Dec/2002
Hello! Thanks for a great site. Up until a few months ago I didn't know what Fire-King was! Now I'm building a small collection of dinnerware pieces from the 40's and 50's - salad plates and various bowls mostly. One of the bowls is about 6 inches across and 1 1/2 inches high. What would you call that one? 
I'm really a beginner, is this a good place to ask questions?
(Questions are welcome here. And if you want to talk about your collection that's great too.--Editor)

Beever, Pat 12/Dec/2002
I am looking for Fire King insulated coffee mugs. I think they are from the 50's They were in a set of eight different colors and unfortunately I broke the yellow one.  Could anyone be of any help or direct me where I might go on the web   Thanks.

Riggan, Carol 08/Dec/2002
I just became the proud owner of a set of Primrose dinnerware complete with cereal bowls and casserole dishes. I was interested in the value of my set.
(A precise value requires a precise list. Several Fire-King Books are available.  Why not browse through one at any large bookstore? --Editor)

Verret, Glynn 07/Dec/2002
Am looking for set of Colonial Bowls (FK Jadite) Please contact.

Owens-Smith,  Rickey 23/Nov/2002
I have an extensive Jadite collection, and am branching out into Talavera - a very popular collectible here in Mexico. My prized Jadite pieces are the 80-oz Tilted Ball Pitcher (plain, of course) and the 5-inch Swirl Mixing Bowl!

Carey, Anna 20/Nov/2002: I purchased a 2qt Fire King bowl with lid today. It's different on the bottom, all the lettering is backwards. Is it suppost to be like that? This is the bowl with 8 pink flowers,10 red flowers, 2 black flowers and of course the leaves on front and back. Is this a real Fire King or a fake? I would appriciate any help you can give me.   Sincerly, Anna Carey (It's the real thing, Anna.  See our page of Frequently-Asked Questions)

Anderson, Debbie 12/Nov/2002:
Ive Been Collecting Peach Luster For About 6 Months Now Due To The Fondest of Memories of My Grandparents Farm And Sunday Family Dinners On of course "What Else" Peach Luster Laurel!!!!!  Im So Hooked That Ive Spent Most of my food budget at times on Peach Luster and spent the last few weeks of the month "Living On Toast"  ...
I (also) have a fabulous  old red Fifties dinette set to use them on! ...along with my dinner music, (my collection Of 50s 45 records). But I have to admit, my Peach Luster is my pride and joy! This is my first visit to your site, but it won't be my last! JUST SUPER! THANKS! 

Lutomski, Lisa 26/Oct/2002 Lisa's Vintage Treasures
I think it is very helpful for Fire King to have a web site, both for the buyer and the seller. 
(Editor's Note: Fire-King.Net is an independently-owned enterprise not affiliated with Anchor-Hocking)

Bear, Dina 21/Oct/2002
Love your site !  Just starting collecting several months agao when I received some small Jadite bowls from my grandmother.

Lohsl, Ray 21/Oct/2002
I really feel ripped off by Fire King. I collect the original Jadeite. Now the value has diminished because of these new reproductions. How can you tell the difference?
(See our pages of Reproduction Alerts)

Eckels, Nini 23/Oct/2002
Nice site you have here!

Hicks, Amy 26/Jan/2002:
I have a 2qt. fireking baking dish with the fireking logo stamped backwards, anyone care to comment? 
(See our page of Frequently Asked Questions-- Editor)

Harden, Keith 25/Jan/2002:
I am interested in adding to my collection of peach lustre fire king swirl pattern....please let me know if u can assist me ..thanks 

Labey, Marci 20/Jan/2002:
I have been a huge fan of peach lustre laurel since my grandmother passed some of these dishes on to me. I am searching to complete the set and am looking for eight soup bowls and six side salad plates. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.Thank you from Canada

Bowen, Sandy 18/Jan/2002:
I just came upon your site by accident and must say am quite amazed - I love it. I collect several patterns, but my favorite is Jadite. I have a service of 12 of Jane Ray. Bought most of them at a flea market for $.25 each. They are all in wonderful condition. Am looking forward to starting a collection of Royal Ruby. Any help would be welcome. 

______,Diane 16/Jan/2002:
I have a whole set of peach luster fire king to sell. If anyone is  interested. email me at mimi48bellsouth.net Thanks 

Tavano, Ann 07/Jan/2002:
Have a few pieces of Fire King - interested in finding out value and selling same. 

Smith, Linda 02/Jan/2002:
I love collecting fire king. I started out with peach luster and have quite a collection. Now I have a small collection of jadite that I like adding to.

Alpers, Susan 06/Jun/2001:
I particularly love the peach blossom gay fad items.

Andrews, Tiare 27/Nov/2001:
I collect Soreno in all colors: avocado, gold, aqua blue, clear, aurora, half red,half gold, peach lustre, cranberry, blue lustre. I wish I would have bought gold cups,saucers and cereal bowls two years ago when they were around. It is becoming quite scarce! I'm obsessed with this beautiful, shimmering, rippled glass!

Avon, Ronald 5/Apr/2001:
I really enjoy this site.  Thank you.

Aylesworth, June 25/Jun/2001:
I love to collect EAPC,F/King - mixing bowls, batter bowls, splash proof bowls with match S-&-P shakers,Gay Fad,Gay Fad cannister sets with matching S-&-P shakers.

B., Nicole 21/Apr/2001:
We have recently come across my step-grandmother's "stuff" including an 18 piece set of Peach Lustre!!  Any takers??

Baldwin, Stephanie
I am a long time collector of the gold anniversary fire king. I lack 8 salad plates having a complete set.  I am looking to start the blue fire king dish collection.

Barnes, C.L. 27/Sep/2000:
I love your site! All this Fire-King in one place has GOT to be dangerous - at least to us collectors! Great site - definitely one to be bookmarked.

Bell, Judy 24/Sep/2000:
I love Fireking, and I'm so happy to find your web-site, it's a cozy place to be.

Blake, D.
I have the heavy mugs my grandparents drank coffee out of it 35 years ago. Want to start collecting. What is history of jadeite?

Boni, Elaine
I really love the Peach Lustre and I have several pieces of it also. I just can't get enough. I love this web site!!!!!!!!

Boyd, Jeanne
We have found a divided casserole dish white, oval 8-1/2"x11-3/4". The Fire-king name on the bottom is in reverse. We have never seen a marking like this before and are wondering about it.
(Editor's note: Some marks were made to be visible through the top of a dish.  It's curious that this mark would appear on an opaque piece.)

Bruce, Michelle
Collects peach lustre, jade-ite, and other Hocking patterns.

Burgess, C. 28/Jun/2001:
I collect the dinner plate, cup -&- saucer, sugar -&- creamer, -&- salad plate to each pattern.

Cantino, Christopher
This site is a wonderful discovery for me to make. I'm just getting started collecting Fire-King, and Jade-ite dinnerware.

Cask, Shelley Everett
I am just beginning to collect the jade-ite restaurant dinnerware. where are the best sites to buy?
(Editor's note:You mean after this site?  The Fire-King.Net page of Favorite Links can point you to some of the best OTHER sites.)

Christensen, Sheri
This is a Love Affair!! I can't believe how addicting this is!! I'm just getting started. Love to hear from you!!!

Clark, Diane 24/Sep/2001

Clonan, Jackie 31/Oct/2000:
Started collecting in 1973 after my husb.-&- I were cleaning out cellar of his parents house.He was going to throw 66 pieces out!  RW divideds,salads,-&-fruit bowls a ball pitcher and a gravyboat!

Curtis, Linda 23/Aug/2000:
I love Fire-King, especially "HONEYSUCKLE"

Davis, Sandy 19/Aug/2001:
I have only been collecting for a couple of months.

Donovan, Kathy 27/Jul/2000:
Your website is very informative!

Essman, Connie
I am looking for sets of Splash-Proof bowls. Like  Tulip (and)  the shakers for each of these sets or new 4 piece sets of bowls.

Estes, Charlene 16/Aug/2001:
We have Jade-ite, Shell (golden, aurora, milk white, peach) , Swirl (peach lustre, white, pink), Bubble, Fleurette, Hobnail, Jane Ray, Lace Edge, Laurel(Peach), Primrose,Three Bands, various bowls and mugs, candy dishes, vases, egg plates, relish dishes, oven ware, and probably more that we haven't found yet.

Ferguson, Misty 27/Jul/2001:
Cool site! Today (07/26/01), I just found a original boxed four place setting of Fay Fad (clear glass).

Fisher, Jean
I've been collecting Fire King for about two years now, mostly Sapphire Blue ovenware and refrigerator dishes of all kinds. I love the Philbe pattern! I have a rare piece of Ivory Philbe ovenware to sell - a pie plate lid for the 1 qt. Philbe Ivory casserole.  I'm asking $60 for the lid.

Frenzel, Esther 16/May/2001:
I live in the Netherlands in Europe, and I find/buy all my pieces there.I believe that the american military bases or familiy relations were the origins of the dinnerware. I find mostly Jane Ray and Lustre Peach. Does anyone know more about fire king being sold in Europe?

Fryda, Rev. Cliff
Just found this site. A new way to spend money I haven't got for stuff I probably don't really need; but it's fun! I'm particularly interested in Gay Fad items (refrigerator jars, etc.)

Gantt, C. 13/Jun/2001:
I began collecting the Royal Ruby pieces when my mother started her cobalt glass collection. I find my pieces harder to find and a lot more stunning :)

Gastman, Tim & Kathy
We collect all kinds of fire king mostly the jadite. have started collecting saphire blue. right now just trying to get one of everything in the collector books.

Gisclair, Rhonda
I just bought my first pice of Jade-ite Fire King, The Colonial Rim Batter Bowl with the 3/4 inch Rim. This piece is my first, but it won't be my last, I'm HOOKED. Thanks.

Goodall, Norma 30/Jul/2000:
I collect the ALICE pattern

Goolsby, Evelyn 22/May/2000: 
I have recently become interested in collecting OLDER Fire-King pieces

H., Kristie
I love your website!  I got hooked on Jadite, Honeysuckle, Primrose, Gay Fad, and Blue Sapphire.  Thanks for the great site! I love reading about the other collecters!

Hanna, Harold 21/Jul/2001: 
Just started collecting...hooked already--into the jadite and gray fad pieces...This is great!

Hasbargen, Barb
Gay Fad Fruits are delightful, want one of each piece! And Apples and Distlefink.  Anybody have a Gay Fad batter bowl?

Hemphill, D. J. 22/Oct/2001:
What I lovely site. I'm an avid collector of Fire King. Will be checking back often, looking for certain pieces to complete my
collection. Please, keep up the good work. Thanks again, Most Enjoyable Site!

Hays, Karen
I started collecting Fire King Sapphire Blue pattern about a year ago. Glad I discovered this website!

Higgins, Nancy
Rick: Just found your website a couple of days ago.  Enjoy it very much.  I collect turquoise fireking.  Would appreciate any help locating.  Thanks.

Hillier, Kathy
New collector to Fireking Saphire Blue ovenware. Lots to learn, the fun seems to be in the search. Info regarding do's and dont's, what about reproductions of this era of Fireking.

Hogan, Julie
I became a compulsive collector of jade-ite RW after my husband brought home 60 RW dinner plates found at the dump (in mint condition). Recently purchased mint-in-box set of salt, pepper, grease jar and  mixing bowls. (Paid an arm and a leg, but worth it).  Love you all!  Ju

Holcomb, Barb 05/Dec/2001:
Just started collecting this year, seriously. Before I had one Peach Lustre vase. Now I have tons more. Really want more shell pattern Aurora. The white opalescent is beautiful. Also, need info on odd pieces with large F inside a shield. Is it Fireking ? The mugs have a small A inside a larger H. That has to be Anchor-Hocking. Store owner mentioned Federal. Any ideas would be appreciated.
The "F-in-a-shield" is the trademark of the Federal Glass Company.  "H over A" is the mark of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company -- Editor

Hotchkiss, Jerry 01/Jun/2001
TOO BAD! Too bad I find a group of collectors after I decided to sell my collection. If Anyone is interested in an entire set of sapphire blue oven ware, contact me.

Huskey, Heather 22/Jul/2001:
My husband purchased 5 Fire King coffee mugs that he was told were ESSO promotional mugs. We have been unable to find any information on them. Does anyone know anything about them?
(Esso mugs were made in the late 50's and early 60's. The Esso tiger line includes bowls, a clear pitcher and tumbler, paper coasters, and a large metal tray -- Editor)

Jacobs, Nora  11/Nov/2001:
Looking for people interested in purchasing laurel design dishes.

Jean, Laurie 26/Sep/2001:
I started collecting 'green glass' about 20 years ago. I gradually fell in love with Fire King Philbe, since it was so plentiful (then). I have two complete sets of Fire King Dinnerware (white swirl with gold trim) and one bowl. Would like to talk to anyone interested in purchasing these for a collection. Call 828-733-2160.

Jones, Mary Ann
I recently started collecting fireking peach lustre dishes.

Jubic, Christine A.
I am a beginner in the glass collecting department and findthis page to be invaluable.  I hope that Rick doesn't get tired of my numerous inquiries.  Appreciate the fast, accurate, and expert opinions rendered.
(Editor's note: Ask away, Christine; your presence is more than welcome.  --Rick)

Kastrinos, Larry  15/Nov/2001:
What a great web site, just wish it was around 20yrs. ago. Now I don't dare buy any fireking on the web with all the repro, going on. Keep up the good work guys. -- Larry

Kathy Hatch 27/Nov/2001:
Looking forward to chatting about Fire King products and learning more about them.

Kelton, Joni  Texas Blues Magazine 21/Dec/2001:
I am hooked on Depression era glass -&- ovenware, cookbooks, appliances, and even my home - built in 1941. I collect and use the Gay Fad, Peach Lustre, Candleglow and Milk Glass Wheat patterns. My best treasure to date is an ivy-covered Peach Lustre punch set with base. Every piece is a treasure, and I use it every day.

King, J.

Klusner, Diane 03/Aug/2001:
I have some) scalloped edged custard cups.The FIRE KING marks on the smooth bottoms are all different--some are backwards. What would the value of these be?

Lasee, Billy 28/Aug/2000:
I love your Fire-King Web Site!! I think that it`s just great for collectors to get free information about Fire-King on the net. Your web site is definately one of the best around. Keep up the great work.   Billy-the-kid
Editor's Note: Visit Billy-the-kid`s Fire-King History -&- Information Web Site

Laur, Kimberly
I love looking at the rare pieces,and dreaming!!!

Lauzon, Chris 21/May/2000:
My wife and I are collectors of jade-ite Fire-King RESTAURANT WARE

Lewis, Liz 26/Jul/2001
I have about fifty pieces of fire king! What a great obby, I'm looking for odd n end pieces now!

Love, Jody and Yvonne 10/Aug/2001:
Thank you so much for all of the great information!!! My husband -&- I are avid Fire King and Jadite collectors. We have full sets of Alice, Jane Ray, Restraunt Ware, Tulip, Red Dot, Black Dot, Saphire Blue, Iris, Autumn Leaf and many other Fire King sets.

Mac Eachern, Anne  Anchor Hocking Jadeite01/Nov/2001:

Martin, Gail
I have just started collecting the Swirl pattern.

Martsol, Cathy & John
we have a collection of "white ship" that we would like to offer to intrested collectors - could provide an inventory - like to sell it as a lot. email with questions -  love this site - spent hours!

McGrady, Donna
I am a long time Gay Fad researcher and collector. I find it interesting that many collectors are confusing hand painted fruits done by Bartlett Collins Company with Gay Fad fruits. Gay Fad never decorated any cookie jars that I'm aware of. Gay Fad hand painted the fruits on Hazel Atlas plates as well as on Fire King. As most collectors know, Gay Fad was a hand decorating company and used blanks from several different companies for their beautiful decorations.
  For "hardcore" Gay Fad collectors there's much Gay Fad out there that's not on Fire King.
(Thanks for the information, Donna)

McMannis, George 15/Sep/2001:
Don't buy your Fireking from anyone but a reputable dealer!!!! The place is crawling with reproductions of all sorts. Attend glass shows and make your purchases there. (Yes, you'll pay top price, but you get quality, not heartache.) Been there, done that.

McNevin, Marty
I collect the Peach Blossom Gay Fad pieces. Please let me know of any great web sites to buy or if you have any pieces to sell. Thanks a bunch!!!!

Merryfield, Penny
I have two items that I thought were candle holders. Was told might be snuff containers,or incense containers? They are  round, with a hole in the center does fit a candle stick, is jade and sits in silver ring, one on top also, one has a lid with holes. Can you help?
(Sounds like a candle warmer -- used to keep your casserole warm on the dinner table. Many made by Silex were sold with Fire-King ovenware. You can see one pictured on our page of Fire-King for Sale.  Or, click on this shortcut:
[ http://www.fire-king.net/jpg/o-z/silexwarmer.jpg ] -- Editor)

Mike's Antiques 23/Dec/2001:
Really enjoyed your site. It's nice to find so many of the different fire king items at one site -&- other collectibles.

Miller, Rhonda 16/Aug/2001:
FREE STUFF  Enjoyed the website.

Mitchell, Doreen 31/May/2001:
Have a collection of fireking jadeite, vintage salt -&- pepper, green glass kitchenware. Wanting to learn -&- collect more.

Niebauer, Jan 02/Sep/2001:
I have a complete set of jade ite dishes including 16 plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers, mixing bowls and serving bowls and meat platters.

Noponen, Cindy 28/Dec/2000:
I caught the Fire King bug two years ago. I do love Jadeite of all patterns. I would like to learn how to spot reproductions of Jadeite, as I am afraid I may have been caught while purchasing a jadeite mortar with a clear pestle.
09/Sep/2001:Are there Fire-King reproductions or re-issues out there? Love the site!
(No Reproductions marked "Fire-King" have appeared. To do so would invite serious charges of fraud and a flood of lawsuits.  Please visit our page of JADITE REPRODUCTIONS --Editor, Fire-King.Net)

Nurse Jane 06/Jan/2001:
Absolutely wonderful!! Have been collecting Peach Lustre (Laurel -&- Shell) since 1977.   Love the site, it's for sure in my favorites now !! THANKS !!

Patton, Shari 25/Dec/2001:
I've been collecting fire king for about 10 years now. I've had a lot of fun "searching" for my treasures!! I like particularly ivory, turquoise blue and the sapphire blues. I also like the Davy Crockett series. Keep up the great site! 

Perry, Tom 13/Jul/2001:
I have a Fire-King fondu dish with gold leaf pattern . I would like to sell it .

Peters, Joyce 19/Apr/2001:
I'm hooked.

Pohto, Marion 04/Nov/2001:
I´m Fire King collector from Finland. Mostly I collect Peach Lustre and Anchor White. I´d like to know more about Peach Lustre. How long it´s been made and how many different series exist (peach-colour)?

Preskill, Hallie 19/Jul/2001:
I have fallen in love with Fire-King collectables - particularly "RAINBOW". If anyone has some to sell, let me know! This is a great site - I agree with everyone who has said this before me. Thanks!

Ralph, Sharon  23/Nov/2001:
I'm a relatively new collector of Fire-King. The traditional green jadeite color is my absolute favorite! I have several of the swirl mixing bowls, Jane Ray cups -&- saucers, a platter, and a few other pieces. It's wonderful to find this site and know that there are other collectors out there willing to share their knowledge about this wonderful vintage line. I'll be checking back frequently.

Ridenour, Linda 30/May/2001:
I love fire king ! I have lots lots of things, pitcher and fire king cookbook ! Still collecting for 15 years ! My favorite is alice !

Robinson, Trish 16/Aug/2001:
My husband and I have just discovered the joy of collecting Fire-King after inherited a few pieces from his grandmothers estate. What a great site to have surfed onto.

Rogers, D. 25/Oct/2000:
Always loved Alice and Jane Ray  Thank you for sharing this terrific site !

Sheffey, Nancy 18/Mar/2001:
Always looking for more Fire King Peach Lustre Laurel.......Love the looks.

Shirey-Todd, Terry 29/May/2001:
Martha got me hooked!

Smith, Diane 04/Mar/2001:
I used to collect all Fire-King in all patterns. I now collect only Jade-ite. I am looking for more charm plates and the Jane Ray salad bowls with the flange rim.

Soper, Doris 09/Jul/2000:
I have a set of Fire-King PEACH LUSTRE dinnerware

Sorano, A. 30/May/2000:
I love Jade-ite!! Thanks for the useful information on your site.

STUART, TIMOTHY 24/Dec/2001:

Sturkey, Roxanne 05/Jun/2000:
I love JADE-ITE!!

Thomas, Dwayne May 13, 2001:
I'm always buying jadite collections, and will consider non-jadite fire king as well. Also have much for sale, let me know what you're looking for! I love this stuff!  July 15, 2001: I am looking for 2 items: I need (8)  mint or near mint Peach Lustre Laurel soup bowls (and) a white grease jar lid (for the "splash proof" type grease jars)

Tierney, Carol 23/May/2001:
The pattern I have been collecting is Jane Ray. I also have two sets of creamer and sugars and two large platters. I'm sure I will enjoy this site!

Van Note, Nancy 18/Sep/2000:
Love it all but especially the anchorwhite with the handpainted peaches, pears, grapes, etc

Wallace, Barbara 12/Oct/2000:
Great Job !!! I have just started to collect. I came across ten forest green charm dinner plates at a garage sale for 40 dollars and became hooked.

Wehrle, Richard 13/Nov/2002:
Accumulate rather than collect.  Have hundreds of pieces, most bought at garage sales and antiques sales for less than $1.  Actively seek advertising items and "odd" pieces, especially gay-fad items.

Wilson, Colleen 19/Mar/2001:
I have been collecting fire king for 12 years and have a huge collection. I would really like to sell it. I have jadite, peach luster, wheat, ducks, alot of 60 mugs with match bowls, tulip bowls.

Winters, Angie 26/Feb/2001:
My collection began with an open vegetable bowl  But until my grandmother gave me two boxes full of white swirl dinnerware, I had no idea what I really had! I have officially been "bitten" by the fireking bug now! Thanks for a great website!

Zidlicky, Eric 04/Oct/2000:
I am a newer collector of Fire King Jadite. I do, however, have one of only two of the Puro Ball Jugs

______,Bernie 15/Nov/2001:
Hi, love your website. keep up the good work. I've been collecting jadite for the past three years and it's nice to know of other collectors out there! I am the only one in my town I know off who collects jadite!

______,Beverly 20/Dec/2001:
I have a jadite batter bowl that someone got rid of. Can anyone please tell me about how much it's worth I would appreciate it very much. I enjoy this site very much. Thank you!
There are two versions of the batter bowl.  The most common has a 3/4" band around the top.  Right now it sells for about $65. The harder-to-find version has a 1" band at the top.  It sells for around $20 more. -- Editor

______,Bren 22/Apr/2001:
I have the following Jadite items: 67 pieces of 9 3/4" ovals, 2 pieces 12" ovals, 2 6" saucers, 2 pieces 8 3/4" oval with cup holder, 2 10" round with 3 sections.   One white bowl that is 4 1/2" high with white dots and straight lines.Two cups and saucers white with a blue flowers design.

______,Christopher 15/Dec/2000:
This site is a wonderful discovery for me to make. I'm just getting started collecting Fire-King, and Jade-ite dinnerware. Happy holidays to all.

______,Connie 05/Oct/2000:
I am looking for bowls. Like set of 4 tulup . I also have a set of 4 that looks like a deck of cards.  But I am looking for the shakers for each of these sets or new 4 piece set of bowls.

______Dave 03/Dec/2001:
I'm hooked on fire king. Any kind,but will admit jadite is my favorite.

______,DeRonda 10/Oct/2001:
I just started collecting Jane Ray jadite and do not know anything about it except I love it. Does any one know of a web site where I could learn more about it?
(Editor's Note: Several Fire-King books are available.  See our page of Recommended Reading.)

______,Diane 21/Sep/2001:
I just recently started collecting peach lustre. I remember my mother having these dishes when I was a kid. I am interested adding plates, bowls, cake and pie dishes. Thanks.

______,Donna 30/Oct/2001:
I have been collecting Fireking Oven Ware for about ten years and have almost everything listed in Gene's books except for the 8 oz nurser, the frying pan, and one of the measuring cups. I will buy or sell whatever the case may be to complete my sets.

______,Gwen http://www.fivefoottwelve.com 28/Mar/2001:
I've recently started collecting Fire King Iam wanting to cook in the casserole and roaster, Does anyone here use their pieces? Does anyone have copies of any of the recipies that were in the Fire King Cookbook that they would be willing to share? Thanks!
(Editor's Note: A New page has been added to the Fire-King.Net site -- Fire-King Recipes)

______,Kim 07/Jul/2001:
Hi! I bought a set of six little bowls at a garage sale for a dime. They are quite small  and irredescent peach color I'm guessing they are worth a little more than the dime I invested but I don't know.
(Sounds like you have six 4 3/4" dessert bowls. If the pattern is a swirl design, you would call them Lustre Shell desserts.  Worth about $4 each. --Editor)

______, Lori 13/Jan/2001:
Really nice site. I have learned quite alot just by looking over your pages. I inherited my grandmothers Fireking, I love it and i use it all the time.  Could somebody tell me if Fireking made any Cobalt blue ball pitchers?
(Hocking did not make cobalt blue -- Editor)

_______, Mac 02/Nov/2001:
Does anyone know if the Royal Sapphire Collection now in the Avon catalogs is sold anywhere else. It does not say Avon on the bottom of the dishes.

_______, Maryann 18/Sep/2000:
I found an old Fire King pie plate embossed with the Philbe pattern, and "Fire King" in block letters rather than in script. It appears to be clear glass, but might be sapphire blue. Does anyone have any information on this - age, unusual-ness, etc.? Thanks.

______, Melinda 30/Apr/2001:

______, Nicole B. 21/Apr/2001:
We have recently come across my step-grandmother's "stuff" including an 18 piece set of Peach Lustre!! And it's all in the ORIGINAL BOX -&- PAPER!!! Even the gold edged stickers are intact!! Does anyone know the value of this set?? Any takers??
(See Gene Florence's book: Anchor-Hocking's Fire-King & More, second edition. You can find it in most large bookstores in the Antiques and Collectibles section. Or, you can order it right here.)

______,Rebecca 20/Sep/2001:
I recently aquired at a yard sale 2, footed, handled 10 oz. mugs or tumblers. Milk white with a design of flower petals, no stem, dark green outer petal w/ lighter green center in three different sizes of same design. Also, same design with green center, outer petals are traced in light green but not filled with color. The greens are that of Meadow Green in the Glasbake line but it reads Anchor Hocking, Fire King, #23, made in U.S.A. Would anyone know what I have?  Really enjoy your site.

______, Sandra 28/May/2001:
I have a large Fire King roast bowl. It has a amber lid and a milk glass bottom. Marks are Anchor Hocking, Fire King made in U.S.A. I would like any information on this item. Thanks for any help. Please email direct. Thanks again Sandra

______, Sheena 31/Dec/2001:
I am a collector of Fire King Jade-ite and Peach Lustre. I am thrilled to find this site! 

______,Susan 03/Nov/2001:
I just started collecting FireKing, love the site!

______,Susanne 04/Sep/2000:
I Started to collect Fire King because it was pieces I was familiar with, as a child I ate with my Grandma off the plates I still use today. Little by little I add to my collection. I collect Jane Ray and the shell pattern. I love your site!

______,Tina 19/Aug/2001 Kansas City Cool site.

______,Tonya 01/Oct/2001:
I am a "newbie" to Fire King, but I am learning more every day! Thanks for this site - it saved me mega bucks this weekend at Canton (Texas)! I did meet one nice gentleman who steered me away from his jadeite reproductions to his reasonably priced genuines. I wish there were more of those kinds of people in the real world! Keep up the good work!

______, Tracey 01/Apr/2001:
Hi, can anyone help me find the name of the casserole I just bought. It's 2qt. glass with a gold sponged effect the lid has a really great design on it of gold circles (disks) with turquoise accents to each one. Says Fire King on the bottom. Anybody? Help?
(Editor's note: Click here for a photo:(http://spglass.com/jpg/f-n/fkgold.jpg)

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