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Interesting and Unusual Depression Glass Items -- many of them
unmentioned in the most widely-available collector's "encyclopedias."
Actual selling prices have been included in some cases.

NOTE: This is an information page only.
Items on this page are not for sale.

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ALADDIN Mantle Lamp Company made the "Beehive" table lamp in Ruby Red for one year only -- 1937.  It has never been reproduced. 
Current value: $700 to $800


Blue "Cleo" etched sugar sifter and cream ewer.
Current value:
$900 to $1000 each
Photo courtesy of Monique and Michel Rheume, Quebec City, PQ Canada

Statuesque 3011/40 10 inch Flower Center "Flying Lady Bowl"
Current value:

Photo courtesy of Ralph Mueller, New Hampshire

Red Everglades ("Leaf Line") two-lite Candleabra
Current value:
$400 to $500

Bowl, 5" ash tray. ("Uncle Bucky's Ash Tray") Top has cigarette rests and snuff holes.  The same bowl is sometimes seen fitted with a different top, as a Hair Receiver. 
Current value: $100 to $175

See other Frances pieces on our Oddities page.

    Frances "Uncle Bucky's Ash Tray"          
Frances (Central #2010) Orchid Tint
Butter Dish and Cover.
Not yet listed in any printed references.

Current value: $200 to $500

Frances (Central #2010) orchid tint Butter Dish


pink Dresser Compact, diamond-shaped. 
Current value:
   Other views: 2, 3,4

Pittsburgh Ceramists, May 8, 1929 Central Water Stem, 8 inches tall, unknown line #. Ruby bowl, crystal stem and cobalt blue foot.
Imprinted "British Ceramists, Pittsburgh - May 8, 1929"
Current value:


Catalonian 12 inch vase with ruffled top in Reuben Blue.  The largest Catalonian vase made.
Current Value:
Other views: 2 3 4 5

"This is in fact Catalonian. I have a catalog picture of it. It is the largest Catalonian vase made
and it was made in four (4) shape variations (tulip, flared, rolled, oblong) from the same mould.
It is in the Reuben blue color (the only color that is rarer in Catalonian is Rainbow). The shape
number is 1189. "
--Jack wilson, author of Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass, 1926 - 1980. See Reference Section below.

Catalonian Spanish KnobsThis pitcher and tumbler set has been identified as Catalonian Spanish Knobs manufactured by the Consolidated Glass Company in the late 1920's.  While the tumblers can be found occasionally, the Spanish Knobs pitcher is extremely rare.
Current value:
$500 to $900
for a nine piece set

Santa Maria Ash Tray (1926 - early 30's) "Inspired by the flagship of Columbus's fleet"*
Current value:
$500 to $800

* Jack D. Wilson, Phoenix and Consolidated Art Glass: 1926 - 1980,  Antique Publications, 1989. ISBN #-915410-63-X


Elephant with Flower Frog back. Ruby Red. Originally manufactured  1927.  Also made with Ash Tray, soap dish, and plain backs.
Reproduced, in the plain back only, by Indiana Glass Company, and later by Fenton.

Current value: $600 to $800

Bear Candy Dish with plain back. Crystal. Manufactured ca. 1928.
Photo courtesy of Shannon DeMint,  Port Charlotte Florida


Tulip Decanter, amethyst.
Too rare to price.

Photo courtesy of Paul and Debbie Torsiello, Parsippany, NJ



Candy Jar and Cover, 8 1/2" in chartreuse.  Rare color.
Current value: $100 to $125


rose pink "Lindbergh" Fan Vase, 7 7/8" high, gold trim, decorated Spirit of St. Louis
Current value: $1000+

FIRE-KING, Anchor Hocking Glass Co.
Jadite Restaurant Ware  (Though produced in great quantities, overwhelming demand for these items has taken them virtually out of circulation!)

Ball Pitcher, 80 oz. (Item # G787)
Current value:
$1000 to $1600

"Juice Saver" Pie Plate, 10 3/8" embossed "Philbe" design
Current value:
$350 to $500



LINE NO. 2470 1/2 Candlesticks, 5 1/2", quad foot in Ruby Red (Rare color)
Current value: $200 to $300 per pair

LINE NO. 4118 60-ounce, 8 1/2" Pitcher  in Ruby Red, with crystal applied handle. Found in Beaver Falls, PA with a set of six 12-ounce, 5" Tumblers.  Also produced in Regal Blue, Burgundy, and Empire Green.
Current value: $250 to $300 for a 7-piece set

References: Long, Milbra and Emily Seate, Fostoria Stemware: The Crystal for America,  Collector Books, 1995.
                  Long, Milbra and Emily Seate, Fostoria: Useful and Ornamental, Collector Books, 2000


Fine Rib pieces in GREENFine Rib Pitcher and Tumbler in green 
Current value: Pitcher 80 oz.
$150; Juice Pitcher $100, Tumblers  5oz., 9oz. and 12 oz. $10 to $20 each

Photo courtesy of Michael Hoffman, Valrico, FL

Shirley Temple Milk pitcher, ritz blue, using the "Colonial Block" creamer blank.  The decal is identical to that found on the common Shirley Temple mug.  The creamer / pitcher bottom is clearly marked "H-A".
Current value:
$400 to $1000

Panelled Mixing Bowl, 9 3/4" in amethyst. Rare color. UPDATE: Another bowl of this size was found as part of an amethyst punch set, with Moderntone custard cups, a purple-knobbed ladel, and a chrome holder. CLICK HERE
Current value: $75 to $100 - 9 3/4" bowl; Punch Set $250 -$300
Crisscross tumbler, 4" 9 oz. Rare.  Previously unknown in Green.  These were originally distributed as Citronella candle holders. Photo courtesy of Joyce Tucker, Marietta GA Current value: trtp***


"SWAN HANDLED", #133 (1929 - 1936)
Moongleam green Candlestick, 6 1/2 inches high, 4 3/4 inch base. All Swan Handled pieces are rare.
Current value: $300


"Manhattan"   tilted 80 oz. pitcher in Fire-King jade-ite: One of only three known. Photo courtesy of Jane & Jerry Bohlen, Home of Fire King, Lancaster, Ohio. (Visit their web site: Fire-King
Current Value: $12,000 up

( Click HERE for more Fire-King Rarities )

Mayfair Sugar Lid -- RARE Mayfair pink Sugar Lid
Current value:
$1650 to $2000

Hocking "Pachyderm" Cigarette Box with Ash Tray back"Pachyderm" Cigarette or Candy Jar. 1924. 
Current value:
$100 to $200

Made in Crystal, Light Green and Dark Green.  Possibly other colors.

RARE shape - Princess cream and sugarPrincess Creamer and Covered Sugar **-- Unusual shape
Photos courtesy of Anne Shatrau, DG Shopper Online 

Current value: trtp***

  Royal Ruby High Point PitcherRoyal Ruby "High Point" pitcher 1940
Current value:
$200 to $350

Royal Ruby Horse 1 of only two known  From the Collection of Philip and Barbara Hopper.  On permanent display at the Anchor Hocking Glass Museum, San Antonio, TX Current value: trtp***


"BIG SHOTS" 1950'S - Late 1960'S (Manufactured by the Morgantown Glass Company for Imperial, who then sold it to S&H Green Stamps.)  Available in red or green.

Current value:
$20 to $30 each

Pictured above (l to r): 14oz. BIG SHOT highball ;  11oz. SURE SHOT tumbler ;  5oz. HALF SHOT cocktail or juice . Below :  TEN GAUGE No. 464 hunter's mug .

TEN GUAGE Hunter's Mug
Current value
: $30 to $40

The complete set also includes a 40oz. MAGNUM cocktail mixer -- with a wooden "shotgun cleaning rod" stirrer; a 13oz. SHOT ON ROCKS tumbler ; a 2 1/2oz.LITTLE SHOT  whiskey ; and an ice bucket or "hospitality bowl", 4 1/2" tall and 5 3/8" in diameter.*

CANDLEWICK  Silver-plated 400/84D 8" plate with seat.  Part of the 400/84, 4-piece Mayonnaise set.  All visible areas of this glass plate are covered with silver.  The 3 1/2" bottom remains clear.  In Mary Wetzell-Tomalka's book, Candlewick: The Jewel of Imperial, an interviewed Imperial glassworker recalls "making a few" silver pieces.
Current value:
$75 to $100



Diamond Quilted Red Preserve DishRed / amberina Preserve Dish, 7 1/2", 3-toed
Current value:
$75  to $100


Green, 9" Footed Bowl. 8 1/4" wide (#6067/5W)
Current value:
$200 to $300


Imperial Shaeffer Decanter Set"SHAEFFER" (LINE NO. 451) Decanter with six 2 1/2oz. liquor tumblers, Stiegel Green
Current Value:
$125 to $150
for a seven piece set


WINDSOR From the Collection of Karen Lucas, Pittsburgh PA:

Platinum-Rimmed Water tumbler

Two-Handled 7" Bowl (8" across the handles). Possible Canadian origin.

Candle Nappy, loop-handled


"Modernistic" Boudoir Lamp. Base 7 1/4". 10 3/4" overall. Ritz Blue.  Also made in black and transparent red.  Extremely rare in frosted red.
Current Value:
$200 to $300  (Frosted Red: $1000+)


McKee Colonial BowlColonial Console Bowl, 12" (No.1776) -- available in Skokie Green (jadite); custard; Seville Yellow; carmel (RARE); and transparent pink Current Value: $150 to $250

Rock Crystal 8 1/2" Bowl, transparent blue
Current Value:


Rock Crystal 9" Covered Pitcher: Blue-green.
Current Value:
$200 to $300

Sterilizer Barber Shop Jar, jadite
Current Value:$1000 up


"Art Nude" Vase, 7" or 8 1/2" three-sided.      Also made with a clothed figure ("Art Dressed").
Produced in black, chalaine blue, Skokie Green (pictured), and Seville Yellow.
Current Value:
$200 to $300

  Window Sill Bulb Planter Box, 5x9" with Lion motif.
Current value:
$100 to $150

McKee Kitchen Shaker with Small ART DECO BOX label in Chalaine Blue (RARE COLOR)
From the Collection of Marthe Lawton of In One Era and Out The Other Antiques
Current value: too rare to price


  No.33 Modernistic Pitcher, 8 /2 inch
Current Value:
$400 to $500

No. 103 Three-Part Candy Dish and Lid, with "Wings", cobalt blue
Current Value:$300 to $400

No.112 Cordial set, 7-piece, amber
Current Value: $75 to $125 for a seven piece set

"Oscar" Refreshment Set in ruby.   Also made in amethyst, dark green, cobalt blue, and amber.
Current Value: $150 to $200 for a seven piece set

"Top Prize"* Luncheon set 
Current Value:$300 to $500 for red

Luncheon Set includes:

Four Cups and Saucers;

Four 8" Luncheon Plates,

One 14" Buffet Plate,

One Creamer,

 and one Sugar

Other pieces include a punch set and metal-stemmed cocktail goblets.

*coined by the late Hazel Marie Weatherman; the company name for this line remains unknown.


Cavendish ("Luli"*),Line #330 Creamer, red.

"Nerva" (Line # unknown) Two-lite Candlesticks, red.
Current value:
$125 to $150 each

"Party Line" (Line 191) Salt and Pepper Shakers, red.
Current value:
$100 to $150 /pair

Twelve-inch red vase. "Probably one of a kind. Two patterns: Irwin at the top, Trumpet Flower on the sides. On the Gadroon blank".  Also found in ebony. 
Current value:
$2500 up

From the collection of Dick Ponti, Renton, WA


"SKYSCRAPER" Martini Mixer / Cocktail Shaker, 14"(16 1/2" to top of spout), and metal stirrer. Footed. Cobalt blue.
Current value:
$150 to $200


English Hobnail Wide-Mouthed bottle with hollow stopper (at Left).  May be marked "Mouthwash" or "Lotion". 
Shown at left, with the commonly found Cologne Bottle at right.
Current Value: $100 up

English Hobnail Bowl, 5" handled basket, ca. 1930s. 
Current Value:
$20 to $40
New Reproduction 5" baskets of inferior quality have been reported

English Hobnail Ceiling Fixture, 14" . Also found in pink
Current Value:
$150 to $250

Lotus candlesticks, 9" Twisted stem. Manufactured 1924 to 1940, satin rose. 
Current Value: $150 to $200 /pair


"BALLERINA" Human Figural Comb and Brush Holder, frosted pink
Current Value: trtp***

"CHEERIO" Cocktail Shaker with recipe cards in holder, ruby red
Current value: $200 to $250 complete

Lifesaver Decanter-"When Sinking Take Hold"Pairpoint "LIFESAVER" decanter, etched "When Sinking, Take Hold" 
Current value:
$125 to $150


"PRIME RIB"Unknown Manufacturer.  Nine-inch Bowl in Ritz Blue with metal Art Deco base and handle
Current value:
$75 to $100

"VALENTI" Cocktail Tray, cube optic bottom
Current value:
$75 to $100

"VALENTI" Cocktail Tray, diamond optic bottom
Current value:
$75 to $100


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*Special Thanks to Glenda Griffith and to Melissa Bratkovitch for their help with identification of some Paden City pieces.
**Photos courtesy DG Shopper Online (
*** "trtp" = Too Rare To Price

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